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Engine swaps have been a thing for quite some time now. Of course, the most common engine used for these exchanges is GM's LS V8 crate engines – whether on a Miata, a Huracan, or even a Mini Cooper. Yes, it could go that far.

But still, an LS-powered Miata is marginally nothing when compared to this – a Volkswagen-powered 1970 Ford F-100 currently listed on eBay. This old truck seems like an unsuspecting sample, but it has a secret under its hood straight from Wolfsburg.

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Apparently, this fifth-generation Ford F-Series truck is powered by a 1.9L Volkswagen TDI mill, dropping its massive gas-guzzling inline-six and moving on to an econo future. According to the seller, the Blue Oval truck can still reach 80 miles per hour and do 33 miles per gallon with its German diesel engine.

In order to offset the weight loss, the front coil springs have been lowered by four inches and the whole front end was professionally aligned by a Ford truck guru.

And oh, one more thing, the transmission on this F-100 is a Toyota 5-speed with a bell housing adapter plate. Even the flywheel, clutch, throwout bearing, slave cylinder, and starter are all Toyotas.

As for aesthetics, well, the age of the truck shows as seen with the rusting all over its body. The seller's quite honest with it and even provided a lot of photos, including the interior. The bed, specifically, has been completely treated and sealed some time ago but rust still find its way back naturally.

The Buy It Now price for this 1970 F-100 is $9,000 with a current bid of $3,309 at the time of this writing. If you're interested, you still have more than three days to bid and contact the seller.

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