At just 23 seconds long, this could be the shortest video we’ve ever featured in's digital pages. And yet, we find ourselves watching over and over. We’ve seen the Ford Model T a bazillion times, and we’ve certainly observed many donuts in our collective experience. However, we’ve never seen a Model T fitted with a couch spinning around on a frozen pond. And unless you happen to be yeepeekaye1 from Youtube or one of the 30 commenters who chimed in on an associated thread at Reddit, you haven’t seen it, either.

At this point, you’re probably wondering about the backstory for this very odd video. Honestly, we’d like to know as well – with just 23 seconds of footage and a video description that merely mentions having “a little fun on the ice before it melts,” there are certainly more questions than answers. Is this just an old runabout sitting in somebody’s barn? Is it a restoration-in-progress? This particular YouTube channel does have another video showing a Model T, one that appears to be complete with a body and actual seats no less.

But you know what? We don’t need any backstory here. While being extremely old, Ford built 15 million Model Ts from 1908 through 1927 so they aren’t exactly rare. And with Coronavirus having us all a bit stir crazy, a Model T chassis with a sofa and some fuel for the engine could make for some much-needed entertainment. The camera doesn’t get too close, and a frozen pond at the end of March is a great place to practice social distancing. And from the sounds of it, there’s still a Model-T-spec 2.9-liter four-cylinder chugging away, making all of 20 horsepower.

No classic cars were harmed in the making of this clip. So enjoy the crazy spectacle – albeit brief – of a 100-year-old car spinning around on the ice.

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