When it comes adventure travel, there are generally two schools of thought. On one hand you have folks who literally go big, creating large off-road overlanding machines that contain all the amenities of home. The flip side of that is the minimalist approach, and though using a stick for marshmallows or hot dogs is the ultimate in minimalist cooking, this nifty all-in-one portable kitchen isn’t far behind.

It’s called the Nomad Kitchen, and it comes from a newly formed upstart appropriately named Nomad Kitchen Company LLC. It’s designed and developed to be a compact, easily portable kitchen that stores all the essentials and deploys quickly. It’s not just a box, either – the Nomad Kitchen offers a sink, cutting area for food, a drying area for cleaning dishes, and a spot for your favorite two-burner stove.

It utilizes a pull-out system with heavy-duty slides and locking drawers capable of supporting 200 pounds. The stove shelf also features a mount for propane or other fuel bottles to keep everything nice and secure whether cooking at the campsite, or traveling about. Speaking of which, the shelves all fit into a box measuring just under 26 inches long, including lock tab for the components. It’s short enough to fit in a variety of vehicles, and at 14.25 inches tall by 22 inches wide, it could also fit into some hatchbacks with smaller cargo areas.

Gallery: Nomad Mobile Kitchen

The design was born from self-described “outdoor adventure enthusiasts” who wanted a better solution for keeping cooking gear organized. The company is currently gearing up for production, having achieved its Indiegogo goal of $39,500. Early bird pricing of $799 is currently in effect through July, with the price increasing to $899 in August. The company will include a stove and water tank for an extra cost. First shipments are expected to start this summer, though Coronavirus concerns might delay that timeframe.

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