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There are lots of decisions to make when buying a 2020 Corvette C8, like whether to put a wing on the back. If you opt for the Z51 performance package, it includes one with a very narrow hole in the middle and two larger openings on each side. Or there's the high wing that's available as a standalone accessory. This video compares the two designs and discusses the pros and cons of the two pieces.

The aesthetics are a matter of preference, but there's no debate that the high wing is the more eye-catching option of the pair. Its sharp angles create a much more aggressive appearance. The large endplates also add a touch of motorsport DNA. The piece is available in Arctic White, Black, Carbon Flash Metallic, Shadow Gray Metallic, and Torch Red.

Gallery: Chevrolet Corvette C8 Wing Comparison Video

The Cars, Costs and Technology video notes that there is a potential downside from opting for the high wing. The one on the Z51 goes onto the car at the factory, but the other is a $1,150 dealer-installed option. The job reportedly involves removing the rear bumper cover. Replacing the panel can result in panel gaps or other fitment issues. The quality of the work is dependent on the dealer technician doing the job.

A recent leak indicates that Chevy will add another available finish to the high wing for the 2021 model year of the Corvette. Buyers can now get it in visible carbon fiber, which should make the piece look even more aggressive.

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