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Looking for a fun project to do at home? Then, Toyota has a solution. The company has released six papercraft models of the Toyota 86 in retro racing paint schemes that you can build. All you have to do is print out the page, cut out the pieces, fold the white tabs, and carefully glue them together until you have a tiny car to race around your desk. The company estimates that each one takes about an hour to build, so all six would be a fun way to burn up a day at home.

Gallery: Toyota 86 Papercraft Models

The six color schemes take inspiration from the Yatabe Speed Trial Toyota 2000GT, Shelby Toyota 2000GT, Ove Andersson’s Celica 1600GT, IMSA GTU Celica, Castrol Celica GT-Four, and Esso Ultron Tiger Supra. The company wants builders to share their creations on its social media channels to show them off.

The Toyota 86 (and its Subaru BRZ sibling) are getting fairly old on the market after going on sale in 2012. The two automakers are currently working together on the next-generation model. Rumors suggest that the models might ride on a version of Toyota's TGNA platform, and power could come from a variant of Subaru's FA24 2.4-liter turbocharged engine that makes 260 horsepower (194 kilowatts) and 277 pound-feet (376 Newton-meters) in models like the Ascent, Legacy, and Outback.

Toyota 86
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If you're looking for other family-friendly automotive projects, a variety of automakers and artists are putting out free coloring book pages that you can print out and decorate. You can check out our roundup showing some of what's available.

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For those looking for something to do during the current lockdown, Toyota GB (PLC) has produced a series of templates to cut-out and build miniature Toyota GT86 paper models inspired by distinctive retro-liveried examples of the sports car.

The six special GT86s were originally created for the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed to help commemorate 50 years of Toyota in the UK.

How to build your Toyota GT86 (estimated build time of one hour)

You’ll need access to a colour printer, some paper glue and a pair of scissors.  First, download and print the high-resolution PDF of your chosen GT86 using these links, depending on which livery you like the best:

Yatabe Speed Trial Toyota 2000GT
Shelby Toyota 2000GT
Ove Andersson’s Toyota Celica 1600GT
IMSA GTU Toyota Celica
Castrol Toyota Celica GT-Four
Esso Ultron Tiger Toyota Supra

You could print the pdf document on A3 paper, rather than A4, to make the process a little less fiddly and to give you a bigger GT86 at the end.

Using scissors, carefully cut out each of the three main sections (the roof and two sides) and each of the four tyre tracks from the grey background, being especially careful not to cut off the little white tabs with dots on.

Fold and glue all of these white tabs, sticking them to the underside of the adjacent panel.  This will pull the car into the three-dimensional shape that should resemble a Toyota GT86.

Happy with your finished GT86? Toyota would love to see photos of resulting models on their social media channels:

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