It's not the best surface for a flat-out pass, but at least it's secluded.

It’s been about a month since the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette began arriving at dealers, and subsequently, to new owners. In that time, we’ve seen museum deliveries of the C8 at the National Corvette Museum, we’ve seen it drag race other cars including the Toyota Supra and Mustang Shelby GT500, and Hennessey has already attempted a top speed run, after which the company fitted the car with a twin-turbo kit. Now, thanks to TheStradman on YouTube, we’ve seen the C8 make a top speed run from both inside and outside. Sort of, anyway.

We say that because this speed run isn’t exactly sanctioned, scientific, or even that safe if we’re honest. The run is said to take place on a dry lake bed in Utah, at an “undisclosed location” so it’s at least well away from others. Still, running on a lake bed can definitely be tricky as the surface is far more loose than what you’d find at, say, Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds in Florida.

As such, the speeds won’t be as fast, either. According to Chevrolet, a new C8 fitted with the Z51 package has a top speed of 184 mph due to the added aero components. Without all that kit, the Corvette can reach 194 but on a loose lake bed, the added downforce is certainly welcome. As it is, the two passes made in this video show a bit of wiggle as the speeds reach deep into airliner territory.

Gallery: 2020 Corvette Top Speed Lakebed

Ultimately, the Corvette achieves 173 mph – well short of its published speed but certainly daredevil worthy considering the location. TheStradman was not the C8’s only pilot, however. When his pass was done, his female passenger known only as Tessa climbed behind the wheel for a sprint. She rolled onto the throttle and stayed in it to 171 mph, and given more room to run (and a surface with some actual grip) we suspect the C8 had more to give.

It’s unfortunate nobody was at least wearing helmets for this action, never mind TheStradman taking his hands off the wheel or climbing out the driver side window for video shots during the 15-minute clip. At least the tomfoolery was relegated to the lake bed, and we’re forced to admit the flyby shots were very Knight Rider-esque. That’s never a bad thing, but still, don’t try this at home. Not that any of us have a new C8 Corvette and access to an empty lake bed.