Do you still remember the two real-life Need for Speed videos we shared last year? The first two episodes of this intriguing series were focussed on sports cars from Japan, and now there’s finally a third instalment in which the character takes a BMW M3 for a ride. He goes for a drive around the city of Saint Petersburg in Russia and meets two other friends for a short race.

The quick run sees the M3 go against a Toyota Supra and a Porsche Cayman. The main character takes an easy win over the short 1.05-mile (1.7-kilometer) course and continues his ride around the fourth-most populous city in Europe.

The next mission for the driver is to escape a police patrol and once out of the chase, the character takes on another race. This time around, he goes to the Krestovsky Island in the city to meet a bunch of modified performance cars, including a VW Golf GTI, a Ford Mustang GT, and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII. Needless to say, the BMW M3 once again proves to be the fastest and takes the win.

Just like with the previous videos, the actual driving speeds look legal but camera effects make the production feel like an NFS game. The creators say that “all footage was filmed on closed roads, speeded up and edited.”

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What’s next for the series? Hopefully, yet another instalment. We can't wait to see the Carbon edition - Neon nights, canyon races, Carbon's soundtrack.

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