Scion has reportedly shown an FR-S convertible and subcompact crossover at the company's national dealer meeting earlier in Atlanta.

Scion was launched a decade ago with the hope of attracting the youth market but the brand has failed to live up to expectations.

To combat the deteriorating situation, Toyota has reportedly told dealers they're free to walk away from the fledgling franchise. If enough dealers opt out of Scion, it could increase the number of sales per dealership which would help their profitability.

While there could be an exodus of Scion dealers, those who stick it out can look forward to a rejuvenated product lineup. According to people who attended Toyota's dealer meeting earlier this month, Scion showed an FR-S convertible and a rendering of a subcompact crossover. The latter model is reportedly smaller than the Toyota RAV4 and is envisioned as a competitor to Honda's Fit-based crossover which was previewed by the Urban SUV concept.  Both models are reportedly concepts but dealers expect them to go into production.

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