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For Cadillac fans, the CT6 is among the greatest cars that the brand has ever made. Even non-fans have revered the luxury sedan for its driving dynamics and refinement. Not to mention, the hotter CT6-V carried GM's controversial yet highly-regarded Blackwing engine.

One of the main reasons for the CT6's greatness is its Omega platform. It's an advanced vehicle structure that utilizes a mixed-material approach to its body structure. Mixed material, meaning, it uses both aluminum and steel on areas where it deems fit. The result? A lightweight vehicle that's nothing short of performance.

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Apparently, however, the Omega platform was Cadillac's candidate to underpin the CT5, according to a report by Cadillac Society. The XT6 crossover was supposed to use the platform, as well, but both plans were scrapped due to Cadillac's decision to develop electric vehicles and autonomous technology, veering away from the Omega platform.

With that said, the CT5 moved on with the updated CTS platform called Alpha 2 while the XT6 uses the C1 platform. This makes the CT6 the only Cadillac to use the Omega platform and consequently, the Blackwing V8 mill.

Just a thought – if Cadillac pushes through with a CT5 on the Omega platform and consequently, a CT5-V, there's a huge chance that the hotter CT5-V would be using the Blackwing. Of note, the main reason why the company didn't shoehorn the Blackwing into the CT5-V is that it won't fit.

If only Caddy keeps its sights on making high-performance cars, then the Blackwing wouldn't have been a waste. Oh well, it is what it is and all we can do now is wait for the brand's next move.

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