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We know some of you are holed up in your houses right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. May it be because of a voluntary quarantine, or something that your government has imposed upon your country, there's a huge chance that you're still bored even after you've done all of these car-related activities we've prepared for you.

While you exert all your efforts finding the right activity during these times, let us help you with something that we stumbled upon on Youtube – a video of a self-assembling engine demonstrated through a stop-motion animation posted by DIY Garage

Gallery: Self-Assembling V2 Engine by DIY Garage

This miniature-sized mill is an anodized aluminum V2 engine model kit. It's based on the 1898 Daimler design for engines used on airplanes from that era. It's, of course, motorized and the kit comes with an electric motor and rechargeable batteries, as well as assembly tools and a lubricant to keep the parts moving.

To makes things more interesting, the cylinder walls come with cut-outs so you will be able to see what's happening inside the cylinder as the motor starts running. It's a great way to learn and remind us of the basic engine parts, as well as something we can teach our offsprings.

While the kit is amazing by itself, the video posted is awesome, as well. It's a stop-motion animation, so you won't see any hands within the video which makes it seem like the engine is assembling by itself.

If you would like to try your hand in building the kit by yourself, the kit is available on Amazon but with only four stocks left as of this writing. The whole kit is priced at $494.42.

And oh, here's another video in case you need to see some more:

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