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We know most of you are bored right now. Whether you're on a self-imposed quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic or something that the government has implemented, we know you're running of things to do while you're stuck at home.

So what can you do? Like we said in these cool car-related activities, you can start by cleaning your own car. Pamper it, gave it a shiny wax, or even take it out for a quick spin if your area allows you to. You can also inspect its every inch just to check if there's anything you can replace or repair after this pandemic is over.

Gallery: 2004 Mazda6 Deep Cleaning

For those who can't or just too lazy to get out the couch, you can watch this 32-minute of someone washing someone else's car.

The video was from Autoshine Cars, which is also embedded on top of this page. Now, this is not your ordinary car wash video not just because of the things applied and employed on the car, but also considering the state of the vehicle before it was cleaned.

The vehicle in question is a Mazda6 – used and abused by its owner. On the outside, it might not look like something that needed much attention, but wait until you see the gunk inside the cabin (see the gallery above). The carpet's so messed up, the shop needed to remove all the seats in order to clean the whole thing. Frankly, it's disgusting but a bit therapeutic – like those pimple-popping videos. Good thing, this professional shop is highly capable of cleaning this mess.

You can watch the whole process in the video on top of this page and see the final product.

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