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You probably know how this race will turn out. Or do you? The players for this round of quarter-mile action should be familiar, starting with the Tesla Model S P100D. In the opposite corner is a sharp-looking Mercedes-AMG GT S, shimmering in silver and poised to take a stand for internal combustion power.

The race comes to us courtesy of Talking Torque on YouTube, and it’s befitting the channel because the stats for these cars reveal all kinds of torque. Specifically, the Merc lays down 494 pound-feet (670 Newton-meters) of twist from its twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine. The Tesla, however, is a legit torque monster with no less than 687 lb-ft (931 Nm) available as soon as the driver punches the go pedal.

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The P100D with Ludicrous Mode also trumps the AMG with horsepower, producing 605 ponies (451 kilowatts) versus 515 hp (384 kW) from the V8. Then again, with a curb weight of 2.5 tons, the Model S needs all the power it can get.

Of course, we’ve all seen countless videos showing the P100D beating just about every car it comes up against. The advantage of instant torque with electric power is undeniable, and with Tesla’s all-wheel-drive system using that power, it’s virtually unbeatable from a dig despite its weight. Even with launch control, the Mercedes-AMG GT S is simply left for dead at the starting line. The Model S instantly nabs a lead of several car lengths.

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Gasoline engines still hold an advantage at higher speeds, however. As such, the mighty Merc slows the Tesla’s pull relatively early in the run. It’s only a quarter-mile sprint though, which doesn’t leave much time for the AMG to gain back that lost ground from the beginning. Can the Merc pull off an upset?

To be blunt, hell no. Crossing the finish line, the Tesla runs 10.7 at 124.9 mph while the Merc finishes with a respectable 11.4 at 121 mph. Stretch things out to a half-mile and the result could be different, but once again, there’s no denying the legit speed and power you get from the P100D.

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