The monotony of riding shotgun on a long road-trip can be too much to take for some, especially if you’re not in control of the car playlist. The next time you find yourself staring blankly out of a passenger seat window, you might want to give the following mobile games a go.

Mobile Casino Apps

Your mobile blackjack experience might not be as thrilling as the scene above, but it will still certainly be fun!

Casino gambling used to be a big deal that required preplanning, but now you can enjoy all the thrills and spills of the casino from the comfort of your mobile phone. The next time you’re stuck on a boring car journey, give blackjack a go.

It’s one of the most accessible casino games for newbies and is incredibly easy to pick up. You can play for small stakes in this fast-paced and fun game, and if you’re any good you’ll end up making a bit of money as well!

There’s an overwhelming choice of providers out there so make sure you do your homework and find someone good and trusted to play with. The site has a great list of the best casino apps available.

Stranger Things

In 2016 Dustin, Eleven, and the Upside Down hit streaming service Netflix and took the world by storm. The show, which is set in the 1980s, proved to be an instant hit, much like this mobile game.

All of the show’s main characters make an appearance in this low-resolution pixel style game that draws on the nostalgia of the show’s time period. All of the major locations of the fictional town Hawkins are playable as you and your comrades complete puzzles and defeat enemies.

It’s an easy game to play that will get you pumped to re watch the series as soon as you step out of the car.

Overdrive City

As you navigated to this site, it’s probably safe to say that you’re a bit of a car enthusiast. If you want to indulge that passion on a long drive you should definitely consider downloading Overdrive City.

The game allows you to create the perfect car-oriented city with an emphasis on manufacturing hubs, showrooms, and customer roadways. There are also 50 iconic car brands including Porsche and BMW to choose from and customise.

Just because you’re not in the driver’s seat doesn’t mean that you can get your automobile fix.

Football Manager

Originally launched in the mid-1990s under the name Championship Manager by a pair of football mad brothers, this game has gone on to become a monster over the past decade.

Take the reins at your favorite football club and guide them to the very top through savvy tactics, astute signings, and rigorous training regimes. Whilst the mobile game may not be as detailed as its desktop counterpart, it will certainly keep you fully engaged for even the longest of car journeys.

Call of Duty Mobile

Fortnite and PUBG led the way when it came to first-person console shooters adapted for mobile. Their success prompted the team at Activision and TiMi Studios to press ahead with a mobile release of Call of Duty.

The game was released just a year ago and was rightly regarded by many as the best mobile game release of 2019. The gameplay is phenomenal and makes for a truly engaging playing experience.

Earlier this year an update was made that offers a great new 20 vs. 20 Battle Royale mode.


From the mainstream and well-known to the niche and indie with this title. Vectronom is a well-designed puzzle platformer with a great soundtrack that all combine to make a great playing experience.

You’ll need to turn down the radio or put on your headphones to play this game, as you will be graded on how well you guide a cube to the rhythm of a psychedelic and electro soundtrack.

As straightforward as the game may seem, it does require a serious level of skill and sophistication to progress through the levels.

Stardew Valley

Everyone has heard of Farmville and as popular as it was back in the early days of Facebook, it’s hard to argue that the game wasn’t terrible. That fact shouldn’t put you off farming simulators for life though, especially considering the quality of Stardew Valley.

The story begins when your player is dropped into Pelican Town, where you have decided to take over the upkeep of your grandfather’s farm. Unlike most other RPGs there is an element of freedom to Stardew Valley that will keep you entertained and engaged for way more than a few minutes every couple of hours.

Music Inc

In an attempt to highlight the damage that illegal streaming and downloads do to the music industry, Aardman produced this game in 2014. You play the role of an agent on the look-out for the brightest new musical talents.

You’ll have to manage your acts from dusty old pubs all the way up to packed out stadiums. Along the way you’ll have a number of issues and difficulties to navigate, including the constant threat of online piracy.

Despite been released 6 years ago, this game is still relevant and eminently playable.

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