Ford has introduced the 2014 C-Max Hybrid which benefits from a number of changes to improve fuel efficiency.

Set to go in December, the updated model has a number of aerodynamic tweaks including new A-pillar moldings, revised tire deflectors, improved hood seals and new tailgate deflectors. The model also has revised gearing, low-friction engine oil and software tweaks for the active grille shutter and climate control system.

Despite the changes, Ford is adjusting the car's fuel economy label to "better match performance and improve customer satisfaction." Testing hasn't been completed on the 2014 model, but 2013 C-Max Hybrids will be rated at 43 mpg combined which is 4 mpg less than the previous rating. To appease buyers who were upset that the car didn't get anywhere near its claimed fuel economy rating, Ford will be making "goodwill" payments of $325 or $550 to 2013 C-Max Hybrid owners.

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