There’s a mall located in Pennsylvania not far from Philadelphia that’s unlike any other. It’s filled with stores (sort of); there are numerous entrances for its sprawling indoor layout, and there’s even a food court. You won’t find clothing shops, jewelry outlets, or arcades in this mall, however. You’ll only find rows upon rows of glorious cars, ranging from classic American iron to modern supercars. And this crazy high-speed drone video takes on a roller-coaster journey through the entire facility – including inside a few vehicles. Seriously? Yeah, seriously.

This birds-eye view comes to us from a YouTuber named Nick Lang, who had occasion to fly a camera-equipped drone through Classic Auto Mall’s 336,000 square-foot facility. It’s a consignment hall located in Morgantown, where people can shop for cool cars just as they might for a new pair of jeans, albeit with significantly higher prices. 

The video was shot using a first-person setup, meaning the drone operator wasn’t actually watching the drone but rather, the video coming from it. As such, the footage is both awesome and nerve-wracking at the same time, as it gets very close to cars on some of the passes. Our protective classic car instincts are pushed to the brink at times, but surely such a video wouldn’t have been posted had an unfortunate incident occurred. That thought didn’t help when the drone flew through the back of two old trucks about halfway through.

Gallery: Classic Auto Mall Fly-Through

However, with such instincts suppressed, this video is an epic adventure for car spotters. According to Classic Auto Mall’s website, there are roughly 1,000 cars in this location and with the drone moving quickly, it’s an exciting challenge to try and spot obscure classics. Camaros, Mustangs, and Corvettes are easy to see, but what else lurks in this never-ending ribbon of steel?

For example, can you find the Ferrari F355? How about the Jaguar E-Type Series 3, or the classic Rolls-Royce, or the 1987 Ford Thunderbird? Keep a close eye and you’ll even see a Chevy Beretta Indy Pace Car in the menagerie of chrome and color. Granted, the Beretta isn’t really a classic, or even particularly valuable for that fact. But it’s definitely obscure, and this video is full of such gems.

As we all hunker down to ride out Coronavirus, let’s have some fun. What obscure cars can you find in this three-minute clip? Show us what we’re missing and share your choices in the comments, but be warned. Once you start watching this video, it will be very hard to stop.

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