Lincoln has introduced the MKZ and MKC Black Label concepts, ahead of their debut at Pebble Beach.

Designed to preview a "higher level expression of Lincoln design," the concepts are equipped with elegant cabins that feature high quality materials and a unique design theme.

First up, the Center Stage theme draws inspiration from fashion and theater. It combines Jet Black leather with Alcantara suede accents and a Foxfire Red headliner.

The chocolate-inspired Indulgence theme boasts a timeless appearance thanks to premium Venetian leather and Ziricote wood trim that is typically reserved for high-end yachts.

Lastly, the Modern theme has a black and white leather and engineered wood trim with embedded metal flakes to create a sparkling effect.

The Black Label trim will eventually be offered on all Lincolns and the company promises to work with dealers to deliver a "consistent, personal and integrated client shopping and ownership experience." Lincoln declined to go into specifics but said Black Label experts will guide buyers through the ordering process when the collection is launched late next year.


Gallery: Lincoln MKZ & MKC Black Label concepts revealed for Pebble Beach [video]

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