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The last time we talked about Arthur Tussik and his amazing restoration skills was almost three months ago. Back then, we saw him working on a heavily damaged Tesla Model S and it was a very interesting process of restoring some of the aluminum components of the all-electric sedan. Now, in a new 16:30-minute video, Tussik details the full restoration of a wrecked Subaru Forester.

It’s a bit more complicated this time as the Japanese SUV has substantial damage not only to its front end but also to the right side. All front panels need to be replaced while the right doors and rear quarter-panel are going to be repaired. Before all of that, Tussik puts the car on a stand and disassembles the necessary interior details.

Gallery: Wrecked Subaru Forester repair by Arthur Tussik

After fixing the rear quarter-panel, it’s time for the rear right passenger door which requires less but more complex work. Finally, Tussik moves to the front right passenger door which also has some internal damage hidden underneath the interior door panel.

Once work on the right side is done, Tussik goes on to work on the front fascia. The good news here is that the engine and the radiators don’t seem to be damaged. Tussik replaces the radiator's support beam and parts of the fenders' support construction.

When all front panels are in place, including the hood, fenders, bumper, and headlights, Tussik installs the upper part of the radiator support frame. A quick spray of the replaced engine bay parts and the car is ready to be handed to its owner who will take it to the body paint shop for a complete respray.

Tussik’s work took a total of eight days this time. As always, it’s a fantastic job. We’d like to hear your voice though - would you be fine owning a wrecked car that was repaired by a skilled mechanic like Tussik? Let us know in the comments section below.

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