The 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 signaled a significant shift for the iconic American sports car. It changed from a front mid-engine layout to a rear mid-engine one. It was a change many had speculated about for decades with General Motors dropping the occasional hint that a rear mid-engine Corvette was always right around the corner. We finally turned that corner last July with the C8, but curious minds do wonder what a front mid-engine C8 Corvette would look like today. Thankfully, the latest video from TheSketchMonkey YouTube channel answers that burning question.

The change to the C8 is, surprisingly, not as drastic as you’d expect. Rear mid-engine cars have the greenhouse moved forward to make room at the rear. The opposite is true for front mid-engine cars, which have the greenhouse pushed back to make room for the engine ahead of the occupants. The video, which makes Photoshopping cars look like a breeze, has the greenhouse moved to the back over the rear wheels.

The hood is elongated while the side of the Corvette loses its air intake behind the door. Instead, a front fender vent behind the wheel returns – a Corvette design element seen on several generations. TheSketchMonkey also cleans up a lot of the C8’s busier design elements, eliminating many of the sharp design lines.

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We could very well be living in a world where the C8 Corvette looks a lot like the one in the video above. It doesn’t feel outside the realm of possibilities, especially if GM never gave engineers and designers the green light for the rear mid-engine layout. Will we ever see another front mid-engine Corvette? That’s unlikely – and we wouldn’t want to be the ones to put that genie back in the bottle. But if it does happen, at least the Corvette could still look good.

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