Military trucks can make great platforms for conversions into motorhomes. By their nature, these vehicles need to be rugged, reliable, and easily repairable. These are also important attributes when deciding to live out of a truck. The couple in this video goes to the extreme by building a custom RV that includes amenities like a king-sized bed, lots of hot water, and an impressive food-prep area.

The basis for this motorhome is an M1087 that part of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV for short). This model features expanding sides to provide even more interior room when stopped. This couple keeps the mechanical elements alone, including rugged features like the central tire inflation system. The customizations include a three-method water heating system that allows for a hot shower anywhere. The rig also has generators onboard, but they are only really necessary when using the induction cooktop.

Gallery: M1087 FMTV Military Truck Becomes Motorhome

Most times, solar panels dominate the roof. However, the couple can push them out of the way to create an open space for enjoying the view from on top of the rig. It looks like a great place to watch a sunset or sunrise.

The interior is where things really get impressive. To save space, the big bed is usually against the ceiling, but a lift system brings it down to the ground. This system comes with an extra advantage of being able to level out the sleeping area, even if the truck parks on the hill.

When it's time to party, one of the military truck's systems doubles as a really cool feature. The black-out mode shuts off the regular lights and bathes the interior in a blue glow. The couple adds a few lasers, and then the cabin looks ready for a rave.

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