This Corvette owner advises some additional caution, but he’s otherwise impressed.

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 hasn’t even been on sale for a month, and already at least one example has seen snow. Last weekend, an early-spring storm brought some snow and sleet to London, Ontario, and one new C8 owner took the opportunity to test his mid-engined sports car in the slush (capturing it all on video for our YouTube enjoyment).

Temperatures hovered just above freezing, conditions that are decidedly less than ideal for the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires that come with the Corvette Z51 handling package. In the interest of safety, owner Morgan Crosbie gingerly took his new toy to a closed access road to test its mettle. Braking from 50 km/h (32 mph) activated the ABS rather predictably, but Crosbie reported that it stopped straight and true.

It even handled the hilly suburban roads in his neighborhood just fine, a feat he attributes to the Corvette C8’s rear-biased weight distribution – forty-sixty front to rear. With the engine nestled close to the rear axle, those tires have a bit more traction than they might otherwise.

Crosbie, who recently pointed out via YouTube how much water collects under the Corvette’s engine cover in car washes and rainstorms, also noted that he had the chance to experience the C8 in January riding on more winter-appropriate rubber. A set of Bridgestone Blizzaks gave that ‘Vette even better performance in the snow, a fact that surprises us not even slightly. Enjoying a sports car year-round requires proper rubber.

The YouTuber also pointed out that the Corvette is a uniquely winter-friendly proposition, given its advanced construction that uses aluminum suspension components and composite or carbon fiber body panels. Such materials degrade far slower than steel when confronted with road salt and slush, even if paint chips and scratches expose the underlying medium to the elements.

Crosbie’s YouTube channel is a good one to watch; he’s a Corvette enthusiast, but he’s not immune to the C8’s idiosyncrasies and shortcomings. He also uses the American supercar as a daily driver, evaluating luggage capacity, comfort, and tech personalization.

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