It has been a month since Cadillac revealed the new 2021 Escalade. The full-size SUV is nothing short of luxury and size, measuring 211 inches (5382 millimeters) long for its standard version. Now, for the unrevealed Cadillac ESV, things are, of course, so much bigger. The stretched version measures 226.9 in (5766 mm) long with a wheelbase stretched to 134.1 in (3407 mm).

As for luxury, well, just imagine having 36 speakers and 38 inches of OLED displays scattered throughout the cabin. Need we say more?


But if that's not big and luxurious enough for you, Lexani Motorcars of California has released its latest rendition of the luxury SUV that would probably whet the appetite of those who want really huge vehicles.

Called the 2021 Escalade Mobile Office, Lexani has turned the luxury SUV into a more opulent vehicle, which can be found in its interior. Details about Lexani's creation are scarce as of this writing but based on the images that the tuner has posted on its Instagram, expect nothing less in its amenities.

The rendering shows several quilted leather bits on the seats, a Lexani tradition, plus a starlight headliner that's usually found in a Rolls-Royce. And, as the name suggests, the seats are in limo configuration, turning the cabin into a plush mobile office.

As for the exterior, it looks like Lexani has stretched the Cadillac ESV in order to allow the limo type seat configuration. Again, no details yet, but expect it to be totally bespoke. You can reach out to Lexani if you want to inquire by sending an email to Take note, though, that deliveries of the 2021 Cadillac will commence towards the end of this year, so you'll be waiting for a while before you can get your hands on one.

How much, you ask? Lexani said that it would be around $250k to $450k, depending on the trim level, stretch, and armoring, among others. You shouldn't be surprised, really.

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