The 2021 Ford Bronco hasn’t even been revealed yet, and still we’re getting information about the SUV’s impending launch. For example, a participant on the forum (who is apparently a Ford dealership employee) revealed the launch apparel that salespeople and dealer staff will wear when the Bronco arrives on the showroom floor.

Unsurprisingly, Ford wants to cultivate an outdoorsy, functional aesthetic for the new Bronco and Bronco Sport. The button-down shirts, insulated vests, pullover sweaters, and outdoor jackets come from Marmot and Stormtech, each item bearing the new Bronco logo (a familiar bucking horse icon accompanied by modern “BRONCO” script). The branded apparel falls into the “athleisure” category, with each item sporting a trim fit and rugged, cool styling. While the shirts and outerwear follow an urbane, monochromatic color scheme, the cotton-twill snapback baseball cap is tan.

Screenshots of the apparel ordering guide were posted to the forum by member ChrispyKC, who later commented that the company might offer some of the items to customers once dealers have the opportunity to order. If that’s the case, we’d expect the apparel to be sold through Ford’s accessories website or individual dealer parts departments.

Items bearing the new Bronco logo are already popping up in the official Amazon store dedicated to the SUV, alongside vintage-themed accessories and apparel. Among them is a T-shirt, cufflinks, and a variety of apparel dedicated to the Bronco R race truck. Ford’s own website also has merchandise pertaining to the Bronco R and classic Bronco, but stuff featuring the new Bronco logo is MIA, for now.

Of course, branded apparel and accessories can be a divisive topic among car enthusiasts. Some love wearing their passions on their sleeve – literally – while others prefer to keep a lower profile and leave branded hats and shirts to the “Sunday night cruise-in” crowd.

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