It's snowing in many countries. Be prepared.

It’s officially springtime all around the world but it’s snowing in some regions of North America and Europe. And while it’s highly recommended to stay home these days, emergency situations may require you to go outside - and it’s better to be prepared for the snowy conditions. Speaking of which, have you ever mounted snow chains to your car?

Assuming most drivers have never used snow chains, BMW released a short educational (and promotional) video giving you an A-to-Z guidance of how to install snow chains. Before getting into the actual installation, the automaker reminds you that it’s important “to only fit the snow chains onto the wheels of your vehicle's main drive axle.”

Let’s begin the installation. Take the snow chain out of the box and hold it out in front of you making sure no parts are tangled. Pass the main ring over the top of the wheel through the wheel arch and let it spring back together behind the wheel. Then, move the car forwards for a few meters and make sure the yellow tensioning chain is not underneath the wheel. 

It’s now time for the final steps - pull the yellow part of the chain through the locking plate, pull it tight, and hang it in the locking opening. Now you are ready to drive but bear in mind you'll have to check the tension of the chain and retighten it if necessary after driving approximately 900 feet (275 meters).

In case you drive a vehicle with rear steering wheels, it’s important to deactivate the system through the car’s infotainment system. This will prevent damage to your machine.

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