Retro style, modern technologies, and smart solutions.

Vanufaktur is a German company specialized in building retro-inspired campers equipped with some of the latest technologies from the RV sector. It became famous with its vintage VW T6-based camper, capturing the spirit of the original Volkswagen camper bus. Now, the firm is back with yet another funky offering, this time around based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and wearing the Flowcamper Max moniker.

Obviously, there are some major differences between the two camper vans and the Max in the official name reflects the expanded dimensions of the van. Depending on the configuration, it can accommodate between two and five people - two on the 51x73-in (130x185-cm) rear bed, a third on the optional convertible front bench, and two more in the optional pop-up roof. 

Gallery: Flowcamper Max camper

The living area looks comfy and cozy thanks to a smart design with a transverse double bed at the back. Moving up front, next is the expandable Flow bathroom and the kitchen block with a dual-burner stove onto a full slide-out module below. There’s a 40-liter fridge and freezer located below the stove and accessible inside and out.

The space below the bed is home to the gas tanks and 50 liters of freshwater, as well as some free cargo space. Depending on the customer’s specification, the camper also offers a dog crate, drawer module, and other accessories. Other features include a diesel air heater, a 1,500-W inverter, and an 80-Ah AGM battery. 

Vanufaktur hasn’t released official pricing of the new Flowcamper Max yet but our colleagues at NewAtlas report that it should kick off at around €60,000, or approximately $65,375 at the current exchange rates, for the base model.

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