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For the 2020 model year, the Chevrolet Colorado has a starting price of $22,395. This is for the Colorado Base Extended Cab, which stands as the entry-level trim of the midsize pickup truck.

This will change in the next model year, however. Chevrolet has confirmed that the starting price of the Colorado will be $26,395 for the MY 2021 (including destination charge) – a significant $4,000 increase than before, according to a report by CarsDirect.

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The new price tag will be for the Extended Cab Work Truck, which will stand as the entry-level model for MY 2021 Colorado. This means that the Base Extended Cab will be out of the lineup, but it's for good reasons.

In CarsDirect's report, a Chevrolet spokesperson said that the said variant is a slow-seller. The website analyzed that this is because the more affordable trim level is rarely stocked and hardly given any incentive, therefore, truck buyers often go for the higher trim level that gives them more value for their money.

Moreover, the new base variant gets a considerable (and understandable) price increase, from $25,895 to $26,395 including destination charge. That's a measly $500 increase that can be broken down to a $400 MSRP and $100 destination charge price hikes. We would like to emphasize the word measly because at this price jump, you'll get the 2021 Colorado's new look that's akin to its bigger pickup truck brother, the Silverado.

CarsDirect also mentioned that the higher trim levels will only get minute price updates for the model year update, ranging from $100 to $500. This is good news for those who want to buy the fresh-faced Colorado, which is expected to enter production in April 2020.

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