There exists a small niche in the video game industry that focuses on delivering accurate simulation experiences to players not looking for circuit racing. Yes, simulations aren't exclusive to racing games such as Forza, Gran Turismo, or Project Cars, you know. While racing sims usually cover a broad spectrum of road racing, rallying, or karting, its upcoming games like Snowrunner that tend to focus on very specific goals. If you're into trucks, off-roading, and extreme environmental physics and an advanced driving model, then this game is probably for you. 

Gallery: SnowRunner Is An Open-World Video Game With Customizable Trucks

From the same makers as the original Spintires video game for the PC, and the Mudrunner entry that expands on the original game and takes it into video game console territory, Snowrunner is the third entry in this very successful franchise. While the original games focused on European and Russian trucks and environments, Snowrunner now focuses on places like Alaska and offers an extensive array of licensed vehicles from Ford, Freightliner, and Caterpillar. These vehicles can be customized visually and be outfitted with different equipment to get the job done. The jobs consist of taking on the elements to deliver goods, repair bridges, and fulfill goals that all have an impact on the world. That bridge you repaired may provide a better route instead of braving the strong currents at the nearby river. Speaking of water and currents, the franchise has been known to provide extensive terrain deformation and water physics; everything is simulated extremely well. Mud and snow will behave as you would expect it in real life, and currents can sweep away your vehicle and its load. Each vehicle has its tires, suspension, and drivetrains accurately modeled, and interiors are lovingly recreated, too. 

Snowrunner releases on April 28, 2020, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and will feature up to four-player co-op, 40 unique vehicles to unlock, customize, and upgrade, as well as the biggest world the franchise has ever seen. 

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