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The Ford Mustang Mach-E is about to electrify one of the most famous nameplates in the American auto industry, and a new rendering from The Adan Channel takes this revolutionary move several steps further by imagining a Mustang Shelby electric racecar. The general cues of the pony car are still visible, but the designer definitely is not afraid to apply some new touches to the body.

An electric vehicle doesn't have the same cooling requirements as a combustion engine, so the designer closes off the center portion of the front end and puts a pair of lights there instead. There is still a huge inlet in each corner and a splitter underneath. The section that looks like the tip of the hood is actually a flying-buttress-esque element that connects the areas between the headlights.

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The roofline maintains the classic Mustang fastback aesthetic, and this is the closest link to the model's past. There are broad fenders at both ends, and they come to sharp points at the sides to accentuate the vehicle's lines.

At the back, there's a huge wing with goose-neck mountings that attach below the taillights. The lower fascia has a massive diffuser.

The interior has a fairly traditional appearance and isn't as empty as you'd expect from a race car. The layout is simple with a minimum of buttons and switches. The green, gray, and blue color scheme is certainly an eye-catching combination.

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Electric touring car racing is still really getting going on a major level. The ETCR series will have vehicles like EV versions of the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Hyundai Veloster on the track. Something like this Mustang would be a natural addition to that lineup.

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