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Skoda is providing today a first glimpse of its upcoming seventh Student Car developed by the apprentices from the company’s vocational school. Radically different than last year’s Kodiaq-based off-road pickup truck dubbed “Mountiaq,” the new one-off vehicle is based on the Scala. As you can see from the adjacent teaser sketch, it has been subjected to quite a few changes as the rear doors and seats are gone, and so is the roof. That’s because the main idea was to turn the five-door hatchback into a more desirable Spider.

20 apprentices have been working on the Scala Spider over the course of several months to chop off its roof and redesign the rear end to create a sleeker bodywork, complete with a pair of humps behind the seats à la Porsche 911 Speedster. You’ll also notice the centrally mounted hexagonal exhaust tip and the two-tone alloy wheels borrowed from the Octavia RS where they measure 19 inches. Another sketch shows the cabin will be largely carried over, with the red stitching on the steering wheel suggesting the interior is going to be borrowed from the high-end Monte Carlo trim.

Gallery: 2020 Skoda Scala Spider

Skoda isn’t willing to reveal the car’s name just yet, but we do know the open-top Scala will be unveiled sometime in June. It will be interesting to see whether the apprentices from the vocational school in Mladá Boleslav have created a folding top for the Spider or the one-off project car is literally roofless. It’s worth mentioning the students received tips and feedback from the company’s actual design department, including from Oliver Stefani, Head of Skoda Design.

The Scala Spider is just one of the many Student Cars from Skoda to come without a roof as the Sunroq from 2018 was a convertible based on the Karoq compact crossover. The Element Electric from a year before was a doorless and roofless Citigo envisioned as a zero-emissions buggy. Further Going back in time, the CitiJet from 2014 was a petite roadster also based on the company’s smallest car.

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Seventh ŠKODA Student Concept Car is taking shape: Students are working on a Spider variant of the ŠKODA SCALA

Seventh Student Car continues the tradition and will be presented to the public in June 2020
› First sketches of an open-top SCALA show the students’ creativity and passion
› Apprentices visit ŠKODA Design department led by Head Designer Oliver Stefani

Mladá Boleslav, 20 March 2020 – The countdown is on for the seventh ŠKODA student concept car: 20 students from the ŠKODA Academy are involved in the ambitious project this year. They have decided to design and build an open-top Spider version of the new compact model ŠKODA SCALA. At a workshop in the ŠKODA Design department in Mladá Boleslav, the participants met ŠKODA Head Designer Oliver Stefani and put their first ideas down on paper with him and his team. The still-unnamed seventh Student Car, which the students will be constructing according to the design, will be presented to the public in early June. For the seventh time in a row, the hands-on project underlines the high standard of training at the ŠKODA vocational school, which was established more than 90 years ago.

For several months now, 20 apprentices from the ŠKODA vocational school have been working on the seventh student concept car with great commitment and creativity, a spider version of the new compact model ŠKODA SCALA. Throughout this project, the up-and-coming talent will receive support from engineers and experienced employees from the areas of technical development, design and production at ŠKODA’s headquarters in Mladá Boleslav.

The apprentices will be using the new compact model SCALA, which was introduced at the end of 2018, and which plays an important role in the Czech manufacturer’s product range. The students have expressed a wish to make the car’s clear lines and emotive shapes more prominent in the spider version to emphasise the vehicle’s overall dynamics.

The vocational students’ visit to the ŠKODA Design department in Mladá Boleslav was an important step on the way to the official presentation of the unique vehicle, which is yet to receive a name, in June 2020. During the visit, they were allowed to look over the shoulder of Head Designer Oliver Stefani and his team in their day-to-day work and to create their own drawings of the next Student Car with the support of the experts. “Despite the increasing use of computers and simulations, drawing is still an essential part of automotive designers’ work. With every stroke, an idea turns into something real. A sketch is the first of many steps on the long and exciting path to a new car,” explains Oliver Stefani, Head of ŠKODA Design.

In creating their first drafts and sketches, the students received help and valuable tips from all ŠKODA Design employees, and they won over the professionals with their enthusiasm and receptiveness. “From the beginning, all the participants showed great enthusiasm and determination. Their sketches are very impressive, I really like the concept,” says Jiří Hadaščok, exterior design coordinator at ŠKODA.

The annual ŠKODA Student Car project demonstrates the high quality of training at the ŠKODA vocational school in Mladá Boleslav, which has been in existence for more than 90 years. Designing a concept vehicle and then building it by hand is the highlight of all apprenticeships. “We are all delighted to be part of this project. As a student, where else do you get the chance to put your own ideas and vision into designing a car and then actually build it yourself? Drawing our first sketches was lots of fun, and we learned a lot from Oliver Stefani and his team,” says Vojtěch Špitálský.

Building a ŠKODA Student Car has been a tradition since 2014. Since then, students from the ŠKODA vocational school in Mladá Boleslav have been able to plan, design and build a spectacular concept vehicle themselves. Each of these concept vehicles demonstrates the creativity and commitment of ŠKODA’s young talent. The ŠKODA Storyboard offer stories of four students involved in previous projects as well as an overview of all previous ŠKODA student concept cars.

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