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It was March in 2000 when Craig Lieberman was in an Import Showoff, casually parked with his yellow MKIV Toyota Supra, together with other enthusiasts within the tuner scene. It was a fateful day for Lieberman, and little did he know that a conversation between him and one David Marder would change his life and consequently, the entire Fast and Furious franchise.

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Lieberman was the Technical Director of the first two Fast and Furious movies. He was in charge of picking and sourcing the cars that graced the silver screen. At that time, he was also the executive director of the National Import Racing Association (NIRA) – professional, tuner-exclusive, nationwide drag racing series. His knowledge about the tuner scene is deep, and you can thank him if you liked the cars that went out in the 2001's smash hit, The Fast and the Furious.

Before Lieberman stepped in with his role for the movie, the original cars lined up for the first Fast movie was totally different. The most interesting original cast was Dom's car, which was supposed to be a front-wheel-drive, V6 Buick Regal if he didn't step in.

Another original cast was a Mitsubishi Eclipse, which was supposed to be Bryan O'Conner's car instead of Lieberman's very own twin-turbo Supra.

There are other parts of the original script that caught Lieberman's eye, not just the cars, and he shared all of them on his latest video that he uploaded on his Youtube channel. You can watch that on the video on top of this page – and let us know what you think if the original car lineup pushed through.

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