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Carlex Design's Pickup Design department naturally focuses on trucks, and the division's latest work attempts to turn a Mercedes-Benz X-Class into the ultimate bicycle hauler. The rig comes complete with a trailer that offers a space to relax in style while recuperating from a day of pedaling. The company calls it the Exy Viale Bike Tour Set and promises the setup is coming soon. 

Unfortunately, Pickup Design doesn't provide much info about the trailer. On the outside, it wears a red paint scheme with white stripes like the pickup. The company says the interior contains four beds, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

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Pickup Design unveiled the powder-coated steel bike rack in 2019 and charged €4,995 ($5,429 at current exchange rates) for it. The device puts up to three bicycles above the cargo bed so that there's still plenty of room for hauling other gear. When the time comes to load or unload, the rack tilts downward electrically for an easier time lifting the cycles into place. 


The company also dresses the pickup in a body kit with carbon fiber parts, including new fender flares, hood trim, front fascia, tailgate trim, and rear bumper. White decals accentuate the truck's appearance even more. The X-Class rides on 22-inch wheels with a deep-dish appearance, Y-shaped spokes, and a trim ring around the outside.

Mercedes intends to end X-Class production in May 2020 as part of a cost-cutting plan. Nissan actually assembles the Navara-based truck at its plant in Barcelona, Spain. The vehicle just didn't gain enough traction outside of places like Australia and South Africa to warrant keeping, especially after dropping the original plan to build it in Argentina for the South American market.

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