The summer camper season is ahead of us and while it may be restricted to a certain level due to the coronavirus outbreak this year, now is a good time to look for your next camper. If you want to take the alternative route and build one, this could be the perfect donor vehicle for your future camper conversion.

What we have here is a low-mileage 1994 Ford E350 heavily modified by a company called Wolf Coach into a Secret Service Communications vehicle for President Clinton’s motorcade. Codenamed Roadrunner, the van is currently listed for sale on Craigslist and is located in Estes Park, Colorado.

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The seller explains the vehicle has just 31,000 miles (49,890 kilometers) on the clocks as it has often been transported from location to location via plane, train or semi. According to the ad, the van “runs great” and everything works as it should, including the power locks, power windows, and AC.

What makes this Econoline a very good candidate for a camper conversion is the set of rotating chairs plus the carpeted interior panels. Even more importantly, there’s a generator under the hood, a bank of four power storage batteries in the outside compartment, an additional 7,000-kW generator, and several power inverters and distributors. Add to that the heavy-duty tires and chassis.

“Wiring can be updated to create your dream vehicle with true off-road capabilities and endless electrical supply! Where will your imagination take you?”

The van was listed on March 7 and the seller is asking $31,000 for it. Given its good condition and the claimed investments “in excess of $100,000” for the special equipment, it sounds like a fair deal for a van that could be turned into a dream motorhome. What’s your opinion?

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