Folks, this could be the most uneventful Garage 54 video we’ve ever seen, at least on the outside. In this clip, you won’t find a janky homemade four-wheel-drive system, a bonkers 12-cylinder monstrosity, or perhaps our personal favorite, an eight-wheeled Fiat hatchback. What you will find is a murdered-out Lada looking like the ultimate villain mobile, complete with a missing headlight. And in its gas tank, you’ll find all the gas and even some diesel to boot.

Apparently, our favorite team of crazy fabricators found a photo of a person filling up a truck using several fuel nozzles at once. Since it was on the internet it must be true, so in typical Garage 54 fashion, they decided to try it out on a poor Lada with a modest gasoline-powered engine under the hood. The million-dollar question: will a car actually run if you fill the tank with several different kinds of fuel?

To find out, the team headed to a gas station with the Lada on empty and proceeded to fill the tank with everything at the pump. As such, the Lada’s fuel cocktail consisted of four various gasoline grades and a dose of diesel for good measure. Since there’s no possible way to plug in all five nozzles at once, each fuel grade was pumped in separately to the tune of 5 liters (1.3 gallons) each, for a total of 25 liters (6.5 gallons).

Now, the four gasoline grades likely wouldn’t cause any issue save for the potential of some spark knock (AKA detonation) due to low octane. However, gasoline engines don’t like diesel and spark plugs really don’t like diesel – it tends to literally and figuratively gum up the works, and being heavier than gasoline it should settle in the tank despite being the last fluid to enter the mix. However, there’s an approximate gas-to-diesel ratio of five to one. Is it enough to dilute the diesel?

The best-case scenario (or worse, depending on how much you hate Ladas) is that everything will be fine. The flip side of that is the poor car coughing and choking until it dies. Care to make any predictions before watching the clip?  

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