One of the auto enthusiast’s favorite types of vehicles is the shooting brake, able to transition from sporty two-door coupe to practical station wagon depending on the situation. A group of student engineers sought to create a Porsche Boxster shooting brake from a first-generation example, codenamed 986, and the end result is spectacular.

Found via The Drive, this 986 Boxster is the brainchild of Erik Groenendijk de Laat, a docent of automotive engineering at the Fontys Hogeschool. Fontys is a university in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and the instructor reached out to Van Thull Development to help university students design and engineer the Boxster shooting brake.

Van Thull supervised and assisted four students – Dennis, Yori, Thom, and Bram – through the design and engineering process. Notably, prior to beginning the project, none of the students had any experience in bodywork or vehicle design. That makes the stunning transformation all the more impressive.

Gallery: 986-Generation Porsche Boxster Shooting Brake

Many of the parts needed to transform the 986 into a small wagon come from vehicles that already exist. For example, the front doors and windows come from a 996-generation Porsche 911 Carrera, and the rear windows and roofline assembly come from a Peugeot hatchback. The front end incorporates the headlamps and front bumper from the 997-generation Carrera, while the rear end is modernized using taillights from the 991-gen Carrera. The side vents were likewise updated from a newer Porsche, likely a Boxster.

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What makes this project more tantalizing is that Van Thull Development is making molds of the roof, rear structure, door sills, and rear bumper. The company plans to offer a conversion kit to owners of the Boxster 986, meaning there might be more compact, sporty Porsche wagons running around in a few months. 

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