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Before the Jeep Gladiator even arrived, people scrambled to buy the $60,000 Launch Edition models. They sold out in one day. When it finally did arrive at dealerships, Jeep offered a super-cheap lease even though the average transaction price on the pickup truck was high – $56,000 on average for a truck that had a starting price of $33,545. Now, though, according to Cars Direct, Jeep is piling on the discounts to help keep the truck moving off dealership lots.

Eagled-eyed shoppers who want to score significant savings on the Gladiator should shop around. The publication says potential buyers could nab nearly $13,000 in savings on the pickup, noting one California dealership offering $12,850 off the Gladiator as it has over a dozen on the lot. Jeep is also offering a new incentive called a VIN-Specific Inventory Bonus, according to a bulletin sent to dealers last week. This can save potential buyers as much as $3,000, though you won’t be able to find it on Jeep’s website, Cars Direct notes.

Jeep sold just over 40,000 Gladiator pickups, far below that of staples like the Chevy Colorado, according to Sales figures for January, February, and March won’t arrive until sometime next month once the first quarter of the year ends. Still, this new discount comes after a $9,000 discount was available in January. As with other Jeeps, like the Wrangler, the Gladiator has a host of available accessories, overtaking Wrangler accessory sales. That $13,000 in savings could be put to excellent use accessorizing your off-road pickup.

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While the Jeep has only been on sale for about a year, the automaker has done a lot to keep it feeling fresh. Earlier this year, Jeep launched the North Edition model only to follow it up with the Gladiator Mojave and High Altitude models. There are even rumors of a beefier Gladiator Hercules, which would offer more than 500 horsepower. Don’t expect a $13,000 discount on that model, though, if it ever arrives.

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