This is a GMC camper with a story to tell. It's currently in Japan, but a recent auction means that it's now on the way to Canada. However, a plate next to the door indicates the motorhome at one point belonging to the State of Colorado Division of Housing. This history immediately raises the questions of who brought this machine into Japan and why.

The camper also has a unique look that makes us wonder if a racing fan is among the previous owners. The body is dark blue with two white stripes running the entire length like the famous American motorsport livery. An extending awning would be a good way to sit by the track in the shade.

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Inside, another clue about an owner being a fan of motorsports is the checkered flag covering over the door to the shower. The interior also has a kitchenette with a cooktop, sink, microwave, and refrigerator. The seller believes the sitting area converts into a bed, and if not, then there's another sleeping spot in the raised area in the roof section. Covering lots of miles should be comfy thanks to the heavily padded seats in the cockpit. There's even an aftermarket backup camera to make maneuvering easier. 

With just over 70,000 miles on the odometer, this camper is ready to cover long distances. In Canada, finding the mechanical parts for keeping it going should be easy. The first task needs to be refreshing the cooling system because there appears to be rust in the system.

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