It's only open to certain Chevy lessees who want to swap their smaller ride for a larger one.

Here’s an interesting deal from Chevrolet uncovered by the folks at Cars Direct. Some current Chevy lessees can get up to $3,000 off on select new Bowtie vehicles, but there are all kinds of catches with this weird, pseudo-secret lease deal. We say pseudo-secret because it’s presumably something only being mentioned to select Chevy owners. We say weird because it requires these owners to upgrade in the literal sense, to a vehicle larger than what they currently own. And yes, this deal is only available as a lease.

That’s the overview, now here are the specifics. According to a bulletin obtained by Cars Direct, eligible lessees who currently have a Cruze, Malibu, or Equinox are eligible to get a 2020 Suburban or Tahoe at a $3,000 discount. Migrating from any one of those rides to a full-size SUV is a terrific step in size, but if that’s a bit intimidating, a $2,000 discount is offered on the Colorado pickup. Additionally, Chevrolet reportedly offers a $1,500 discount to switch up to the Traverse, $1,250 on the Blazer, and $1,000 for Equinox.

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That last discount isn’t really an upsized step from anything but the Cruze, but it still seems clear that Chevrolet has a very specific set of vehicles its aiming an even more specific group of current owners. With regards to the latter, this could be a concerted effort to keep potentially disgruntled sedan shoppers in the GM family, since the Cruze is already cancelled and the Malibu is rumored to be going away at the end of its lifecycle in 2024.

As for the vehicles being offered with discounts, it’s not a big leap to suggest Chevy is hoping to clear out 2020 inventories for the Suburban and Tahoe before the all-new 2021 models arrive. As for the others, Colorado sales were down 9.3 percent last year, and first-year Blazer sales weren’t even close to the Traverse or Equinox, so there's some symmetry to the selections.

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Either way you slice it, automakers are likely facing a very difficult sales year. The market for new vehicles already showed significant signs of slowing before the Coronavirus outbreak swept the country. As such, don’t be surprised to see more aggressive incentives from automakers in the weeks and months to come.

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