You can take delivery at the National Corvette Museum.

For many of us, buying a car means hitting the local row of dealerships and cruising away in something new and shiny a few hours later. 2020 Chevy Corvette owners don’t have to resort to such drive-by shopping. Instead, anxious owners can opt to take delivery at the National Corvette Museum across the street from GM’s Bowling Green, Kentucky factory where Chevy builds the new mid-engine Corvette. YouTube channel CGarnerSpeed252, from Clarence Garner, took delivery of his bright Torch Red Corvette.

Before peeling away in a cloud of tire smoke, Clarence is acquainted with his new ride. It’s sitting on the Museum floor, flanked by other mid-engine Corvettes ready for their owners to arrive. They’re cordoned off to keep the grubby hands of the public away from the shiny paint. The tour starts at the back, showing off the rear hatch, trunk, and massive wing. In the trunk is the car cover, seat plastic, extra bits, and more. Once he knows how to unlock the car in the event of a dead battery, Clarence finally climbs into the driver’s seat.

Here, Clarence gets a step-by-step rundown of the Corvette and its features before he gets to start it. Then, they dive into the digital instrument cluster, its nifty features, and the infotainment screen where the driver can control many of the car’s functions. They dive into the Performance Data Recorder, valet mode, and more. They then take a gander at the front trunk and engine bay before the car leaves the museum.

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It’s an extensive feature-by-feature rundown of the car – a human version of the owner’s manual we are all supposed to read, but never do, though it makes for excellent bathroom reading material. Now that production appears in full swing, finally started last month after a long delay, we’ll see more owners taking delivery, and more mid-engine Corvettes out on the road.