A man from Philippines had no other choice but to purchase a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in order to be considered by Ferrari as a possible customer for the LaFerrari.

It's actually the first F12 Berlinetta sold in the Philippines and carried an exorbitant price tag of about 32.9 million pesos (approximately 753,000 USD). The car was sold by the only Ferrari distributor in the country, Autostrada Motore, who told TopGear.ph that only "very special Ferrari clients" have the right to claim the LaFerrari.

One of the dealer's representatives said a "special client" is the one who has at least five cars with the prancing horse in his garage. Since the Filipino now has five Ferraris in his garage, maybe the Italian marque will consider selling him one of the 499 LaFerraris.

Gallery: Man buys F12 Berlinetta just to be eligible to purchase LaFerrari

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