There's something special about rescuing a vehicle that's going to the scrap heap and rejuvenating it to use again. That's exactly what happens to the Jeep Wrangler in this video. At the beginning, the derelict SUV is sitting in a junkyard, and by the end, the rig is a Jurassic Park tribute vehicle that's going to auction.

The custom-painted "Headake" on the rear fender and "C.W" on the doors indicates that the love of a former owner. However, something happened to cause this vehicle to sit long enough for mold to start growing on the outside. 

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The video largely focuses on cleaning the Jeep to look new again. The nice thing about working on a Wrangler is that you can easily take it apart, including removing the doors, seats, and carpet. With all of this stuff out of the way, detailing the vehicle is a whole lot easier. The process includes power washing the exterior and using a whole lot of products to remove the grime. Cleaning the carpets takes even more labor.  

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With the interior and exterior looking new again, the process of giving the Jeep some Jurassic Park style is easy. The matte red paint for the stripes and wheels comes from a few spray cans, and the Jurassic Park emblems are decals.

The video never shows the Jeep running, and after sitting so long, it probably needs a mechanical refresh. New fluids and a thorough checkup would be the absolute minimum of the necessary work.

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