Dealers perform a surprising amount of work on Z51 package Corvettes.

The C8 Corvette has finally hit dealer lots which means we can finally get a better look at the new Vette’s nuances. Take for example the Z51 performance package designed for C8 Corvette owners looking for a maximum on street performance and the ability to track their new mid-engined sports car. Although the Z51 package is mostly installed at the factory, Chevy dealers still have to do a great deal of work to round out the package. 

The C8 Corvette’s Z51 package includes larger front and rear brakes, a free-flowing sports exhaust, additional heat exchangers, a shorter final drive gear ratio, a revised suspension, and finally improved aerodynamics. Although most of these improvements are included during the Corvette’s production run a surprising amount of work is left to the dealership to complete. 

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Take for example the improved brake cooling. Both the front and rear ducts will be installed at your local chevy dealer rather than at the Corvette factory. This install seems simple enough but will certainly add a new variable in the final fit and finish of every C8 Corvette. In today’s video we see an example of a perfect install but what will happen when techs are rushed but eager customers?

In addition to the brake cooling ducts, much of the Z51’s aero improvements are also installed at the dealership. These simple body panel installs are no match for an experienced tech but beg the question as to why this couldn’t be completed at the factory. 

The C8 Corvette’s underbody is an impressive result of an engineering team focused on efficiency. The entire underbody is shrouded by plastic and metal plates to improve aerodynamics as well as reduce road noise. This manipulation of air helps the Corvette perform better in almost every metric and it’s modular nature leaves room for improvement for the aftermarket.