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While many people love the outdoors and the sense of adventure when camping out in the wilderness, there are those who'd prefer to have their sleeping arrangements simple and easy instead of having to pitch a tent. Of course, many of you will say that the tent-pitching is all part of the experience, but for convenience sake, the Hitch Hotel intends to fill in a nice gap in the tent-to-RV market. In fact, they've been pretty successful so far, with prototyping well underway, and a new variant to be introduced into the lineup. Called the Hitch Hotel Traveler, it's basically the same thing but with the added advantage of a set of wheels. 

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In response to what we're assuming to be a number of queries from prospective buyers about the specifications about the Hitch Hotel, the designers have come up with a simple solution to expand their reach even more. While the Hitch Hotel is already pretty compact, adding wheels allow smaller vehicles to essentially tow the mobile room, without worrying about load limits and any trailer or hitch restrictions in various countries. Also, if you happen to already have the Hitch Hotel and don't want to shell out cash for the Traveler, a wheel kit will be made available, essentially replacing the lift system underneath. The added stability from the two wheels also means you can start to carry more stuff in the Hitch Hotel itself.


Once you find a nice spot to deploy the Hitch Hotel Traveler, it's as simple as unhooking the unit, swiveling it into place, and expanding the unit while using the retractable supports. Pretty neat concept. 

The Hitch Hotel is equipped with a roof vent and two windows for ventilation, a USB port, and a 12V light socket. More lighting and power options, as well as airconditioning, will be available soon. Check it out at their website here

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