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This involves a little speculation here, but our sources at the Nürburgring have photographed what may be a V8-powered Lamborghini Gallardo prototype. A slightly revised front fascia, and a visibly reworked exhaust out back suggest that some engine changes are being explored. This Gallardo is reportedly being benchmarked with an Audi RS4, which is powered by a high-revving 420 hp V8 4.2FSI power plant. The RS4's V8 would be a logical engine choice if Lamborghini decides to move ahead with a slightly more sedate (and affordable) Gallardo variant. Our Ring spies tell us that this revised Gallardo is noticeably quieter than the typical V10-powered version, when running all-out on the track.

Gallery: Lamborghini Gallardo V8 Prototype Spied

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