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Alfa Romeo took the sports car scene by storm in June 2018 when it teased the return of two important monikers – GTV and 8C. However, both coupes have been shelved as part of a restructuring plan that involves investing in the Tonale and another high-riding vehicle to cash in on the never-ending demand for crossovers. That means there’s no coupe in sight, so enthusiasts don’t really have something to look forward to beyond the Giulia GTA and its track-focused GTAm sibling.

That didn’t stop Aksyonov Nikita from daydreaming about a new Alfa Romeo with just two doors by firing up Photoshop and messing around with an image of the new Gran Turismo Alleggerita. The end result is an attractive Giulia GTA Coupe that is unlikely to see the light of day to take on the BMW M4 Coupe and Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Coupe rendering

Some would argue the GTA treatment would’ve made more sense on a Giulia Coupe considering the original model launched in 1965 had only two doors. The GTAm that arrived a few years later also had a swoopy shape, so the revealing of a modern-day equivalent must have been a bitter-sweet moment for the diehard Alfisti.

It probably wouldn’t be all that hard for Alfa Romeo to turn the Giulia GTA into a coupe, but seeing as how sales of the regular sedan and its hot Quadrifoglio counterpart haven’t exactly been great, the effort might not be worth the returns. As you all know, the high-performance sedan is a limited-run affair, with production capped at only 500 units and most of them destined to reach European markets.

Alfa Romeo Giulia
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In an ideal scenario, the money Alfa Romeo will be making with its crossovers could one day be put too good use in some performance cars that will live up to the brand’s heritage. We’re talking about the same formula used by Porsche, which now sells way more Cayennes and Macans SUVs than it does 911s and 718s sports cars, but the folks from Stuttgart keep pumping out two-door models to keep everyone happy.

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