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Those who have already purchased a 2020 Corvette C8 know that there's an option to have their mid-engined 'Vette delivered through pick up at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky. It's a $995 option from Chevrolet called R8C, which includes a VIP experience, complete with red carpet, signage to welcome the customer and a guided tour of the Museum where the owner's Corvette is on display.

Commemorative items are also given to those who will opt for R8C delivery. These items include a unique decal at the driver's door sill to signify that it was picked up at NCM, along with an individual one-year NCM membership, special lapel pin, and a recognition plaque. A special license plate frame also comes with the car, as well as an interior plate with the customer's name, date of delivery, and VIN.

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Apart from the mentioned perks above, a plant tour can also be arranged, if available, plus a detailed orientation of the car. The owners can also drive out of the NCM like a celebrity, including some photo-ops, which sounds cool, by the way. To conclude the day, the Corvette C8 owner also has the chance to lap the NCM Motorsports Park via a separate car.

Today, the first R8C delivery happened, with a VIN 29 Torch Red Corvette C8 handed over to its owners, National Corvette Museum Chairman of the Board, Glenn Johnson and his wife, Andrea. Of note, this is the sixth Corvette that Johnson has owned but their very first R8C delivery.

The NCM expects a thousand R8C deliveries in the next ten months, according to CEO and president Sean Preston. Earlier this month, production 2020 Corvette C8s have started to roll out of the plant and delivered to the dealers.

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