Will you help us recognize all five of them?

Here at Motor1.com, we all love renderings. So much so that we even run our own series where we collect the best virtual drawings published every week. We like all kinds of renderings - from realistic previews of upcoming models to interesting new additions to weird mashups. Oh, the weird ones - they don’t make sense but they are so fun to talk about. Case in point - this Frankenstein sports car.

The Carlifestyle page on Facebook produced this intriguing rendering depicting what is probably a supercar with design influences from five different cars. Or, rather, not just design influences but actual components taken from five models and mixed into one wild creation. Can you guess all five cars? Let’s take a deeper look.


Obviously, the front end takes a huge inspiration by the Audi R8 and there also seems to be a touch of the Ford Ranger Raptor in the grille. The massive air intakes, plus the front bumper splitter and the side skirts, are sourced from McLaren - most likely from a 600LT or an 720S. 

Taking a look at the side profile, there seems to be a lot of Chevrolet Corvette C8 components, including the entire back end, side windows, mirrors, and roof. Finally, the wheels come off a 2020 Shelby GT500 - or at least it seems so.

If we do the math, we’ve recognized all five cars - but that is if we assume there’s indeed some inspiration coming from the Ranger Raptor and that’s something we can’t really confirm. If you jump over to Carlifestyle's FB page, there are tons of comments from users trying to guess the cars in the mix. Will you dare to give it a shot in our comments section?

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