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The Mercedes X-Class Pickup Truck may have ended production, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still buy a new one. If you liked the look of the X-Class but didn’t plan on driving it, we have the perfect solution for you, a perfect scale model build by a skilled designer.

YouTuber Jakob Michel Modelllichtsysteme started their scale model car career at Amalgam, a company that builds some of the best scale model cars on the market. So nice in fact, that many of Amalgam’s scale models are worth more than an actual car. This intense attention to detail and high stature of Amalgam allowed Modelllichtsysteme to hone their skills to build their own impressive models after venturing out to pursue his own career.

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The Model-X created by Modelllichtsysteme is the closest thing you’re able to get to a brand new X-Class truck that even Mercedes will no longer sell you. The attention to detail on this X-Class model is what separates this piece of art from something you could purchase at a toystore. 

Take for example the LED headlights that include the X-Class’s signature daytime running LEDs and turn signals. Even the rear LED Tail Lights to include turn signals so you can obey traffic laws even on your scale model adventures. The License plate lights are also present so you don’t get pulled over by a tiny police officer for breaking any laws. 

The attention to detail in the interior is especially impressive including all of Mercedes’s signature design cues as well as lighting in the gauge cluster. Every part of this X-Class model is so accurate that with clever camera angles you could easily fool people into thinking this is the real thing. Would you purchase this model over a real X-Class?

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