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It’s as inevitable as taxes. It’s as polarizing as the North and South Pole. And it’s coming soon, possibly late this year. We know the new BMW 4 Series will debut this summer, and the race-spec M4 GT3 will arrive in the second half of the year. Whether the road-going version of the M4 arrives in that timeframe is uncertain, but when it does show up, it could look very much like this.

These front-and-back fan renderings come to us from zer.o.wt on Instagram. They are based on spy shots and leaked images showing the 4 Series grille in full view. The front fascia on this rendering also features the square chin shape we’ve seen, flanking inward-canted vents on what looks like a very busy nose. Friends, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we try to play it down the middle, but this M4 design is really … something.

Gallery: 2021 BMW M4 Fan Renderings

The relatively smooth backside is a sharp contrast to the chaotic front. The square-chin theme carries over with vertical reflectors inside square body lines, but the thin taillights up high with the quad exhaust tips bundled down low makes for a comfortably symmetrical package. We like symmetry.

Is this really what the new M4 will look like? We obviously won’t have that answer until BMW officially unveils the car. That said, it’s likely some of the details will differ but with all the prototype spottings and leaked images, we suspect this a very accurate representation of what’s to come. At least the car should pack over 500 horsepower (373 kilowatts) to send it down the road with authority. There’s nothing to fear from that massive grille if it’s always in front of everything, right?

Just don’t give the car that special second look back that enthusiasts always do after parking.

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