Okay friends, are you ready for the financial ride of your life? The Porsche 911 is already an expensive car, even in base Carrera form. The new 992-Series 911 Turbo S starts at $203,500, and the Cabriolet jumps to $216,300. That’s serious dinero, but it’s also a serious performer – a sprint to 60 mph takes just 2.6 seconds thanks to the 640-horsepower mill hiding under that big rear spoiler. But this article isn’t about performance. It’s about price, so let’s see how deep this rabbit hole of Porsche options can go.

Naturally, we need to start with the more expensive 911 Cabriolet. Several exterior colors are offered at no cost, and a few others are available for $3,270. However, Porsche offers custom paintwork as a $12,830 option, so with just the one click of the mouse, we’re already over $230,000. Exclusive Design wheels add another $2,490 to the total, and with a few other exterior enhancements (opting for the custom paint eliminates many of the exterior trim options) we’re sitting at $235,000. And we’re just warming up.

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Moving inside, the 911 Turbo S already comes with plenty of standard kit including adaptive sport seats available in a plethora of leather color combos. We opt for a Black/Bordeaux Red design which doesn’t cost anything, however, the Deviated Stitching Interior Package that adds more color and customization to the mix is a $4,490 addition. Surprisingly, the high-end Burmester sound system isn’t standard, which costs another $3,980. Numerous trim options such as aluminum pedals, carbon fiber door sill guards, and Porsche crests stitched into various surfaces ultimately sends our 911 Turbo S Cabriolet past a quarter of a million dollars. But wait, there’s more. So much more.

We haven’t even talked about the performance-related options yet. The PASM suspension upgrade drops the 911 by nearly a half-inch but raises the price by $1,510. The sports exhaust with silver tailpipes is $3,490. Gloss black brake calipers are a $900 option, and an upgraded power steering system is another $280. Finally, you’re not going to drive a lowered 911 without the front axle lift system, and that’s another $2,770.

Since lighting and visibility are an aspect of performance, at least in terms of being able to enjoy that power at night, we’ll include the LED Matrix headlights for $750 and clear taillights for $990 in the performance total. With everything added up, we now have a $265,000 car. Mercifully the end is in sight, but we’re going out with a bang.

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That’s because the last option group on the list involves vehicle assist systems, starting with a 360-degree surround-view camera for $1,430. Lane-keep assist is $1,220, and lane-change assist is an extra $1,060. Adaptive cruise adds $2,000 and lastly, Porsche offers night vision assist for $2,540. That finally brings us to the end of Porsche's options list, which means our bank account can rest at last.

All total, the most expensive 911 Turbo S will cost you $273,610, and we didn’t include Porsche’s delivery experience which adds another $925 if you go to Atlanta, or $1,045 to take delivery in Los Angeles. The options alone totaled $56,060, which equates to well-equipped Toyota Supra. If that’s a bit too much for you, nixing the drop-top for a fully-equipped fixed-roof 911 is only $265,500.

Better start saving those pennies, folks.

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