2021 Ford Bronco Colors Allegedly Revealed, And Not Just The Names

We found actual shades of color to go with weird names like Area 51.

Ford Bronco Colorful Renderings Ford Bronco Colorful Renderings

The new Ford Bronco is nearly here. It’s been the subject of rumors and alleged reboots for over 20 years, but we have camouflaged prototypes caught on camera. We have patent applications for a variety of Bronco-related components. We have rumors left and right about everything from removable tops to transmission types and exterior colors. That last item is the subject of today’s breaking Bronco news, as apparently those colors have leaked to the public in a curious way.

The website Automotivetouchup.com has a listing of colors for the 2021 Ford Bronco. In fact, the 2021 Ford Bronco is part of the URL for the website, and the page literally says choose your automotive paint color for your 2021 Ford Bronco at the top. If this sounds familiar, we found a similar listing for color names on the same website a few weeks back, mixed with F-150 colors. Now, we have a crystal clear list with names and digital color chips to give us a taste of what the shades should look like.

There are 10 colors total, running the gamut between Iconic Silver Metallic to Cyber Orange Pearl, Race Red, and a curious blue/gray shade called Area 51. Ford fans will recognize Oxford White on the list as a color that’s been part of Ford’s stable for decades, though we’re a bit disappointed to see no bright shades of blue. Perhaps that will come with future editions.

Ford won’t confirm any Bronco-related details, so we can’t say for certain if this is the SUV’s color palette for its 2021 model-year return. For that, we’ll have to wait just a few more weeks until the camouflage is finally lifted. Ford has confirmed a Bronco debut is coming late in March or early April, and with all the hype surrounding the return of this off-road moniker, the reveal can’t come soon enough.  

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