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Mercedes is gearing up to introduce three new plug-in hybrid models this month starting with an announcement on their corporate Facebook page. According to the video, Mercedes plans to introduce a plug-in hybrid version of the GLA SUV, CLA Sedan, and finally the CLA Shooting Brake. Is the market ready for an electrified line-up of budget-friendly Mercedes products? 

The CLA, GLA, and CLA Shooting Brake are all based on the same architecture and engine family making it very easy to introduce a hybrid electric version of each model. Each of these three vehicles will certainly use almost identical powertrains which makes it quite easy for Mercedes to launch all three versions at once. 

Offering a plug-in hybrid version of their smallest and most affordable product offerings also allows Mercedes to post impressive efficiency numbers and pricing. These electrified Mercedes will be the most obtainable option for those looking to own a Mercedes with an electrified powertrain and appeal to the largest possible customer base. 


The versatile CLA/GLA platform ranges all the way from the mad CLA/GLA 45 AMG trim and now the eco-friendly plug-in hybrid trim. The AMG versions of the CLA and GLA offer impressive performance and luxury in a small package. The hybrid versions will attempt to mirror the success of the AMGs but offer impressive efficiency performance rather than outright speed.

The push to add more plug-in hybrid options will augment the fully electric EQ Electric SUV concept and its subsequent production versions as customers shift toward an electrified demand cycle. Only time will tell if customers are ready to buy an affordable plug-in hybrid electric SUV or sedan from Mercedes, but we bet competitors are keeping a close eye on their sales numbers.

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